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  • You can wager on any event – make or take any wager – that is available in our app.

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  • Tie a bet=3 points
  • Lose a bet=2 points

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BLOK Picks

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Alright, my fellow degenerate gamblers and football fanatics, we have a Thursday Night Football showdown on our hands. The New York Giants are going head-to-head with the San Francisco 49ers, and you better believe I’ve got all the insider info to make your wallets a little heavier.

Let’s start with the strengths and weaknesses of each team. The 49ers are on fire, coming off a 12th consecutive regular season victory, just three wins away from a franchise record. Their offense has been firing on all cylinders, racking up at least 30 points in five straight regular season games. They’ve got weapons like Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and Deebo Samuel who can light up the scoreboard. On the defensive side, the 49ers have been stingy, allowing just 15 points per game and shutting down the run game like it’s their job (which, well, it is). Their pass rush, led by defensive end Drake Jackson, has been terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

Now, let’s talk about the Giants. These guys have shown some serious resilience, overcoming a 21-point deficit in their last game to secure a victory against the Cardinals. Quarterback Daniel Jones has been impressing with his arm and legs, racking up rushing yards like he’s in a track meet. The Giants’ offense has the ability to put up points, converting nearly 43% of their third-down opportunities this season. On the defensive side, they’ve struggled a bit, allowing an average of 34 points per game. But hey, they did keep the Cardinals in check in the second half, so there’s hope.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – the betting odds. According to those shady characters at the sportsbook, the 49ers are the heavy favorites at -10. Now, that’s a big spread, my friends, but the Niners have been covering like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. They’re 14-8 against the spread since the start of the 2022 season, while the Giants are a dismal 0-2 against the spread this year. As for the over/under, Vegas has set it at 44.5 points.

Now, you know I love to throw out some betting recommendations, so here we go. If you’re feeling bold, take the 49ers to cover that spread – they’ve been scoring for fun, and the Giants’ defense is leaking like a rusty faucet. As for the total points, I like the over in this one. Both teams have shown they can put up points, and with the 49ers’ offense firing on all cylinders, we could see a shootout.

But hey, I’m just a guy with a laptop and a knack for predicting football games. Don’t go throwing your life savings on my recommendations. Do your own research, consult with the football gods, and may the betting odds be ever in your favor.

That’s all for now, my friends. Enjoy the game, place your bets wisely, and remember to embrace the chaos that is NFL football. Until next time, keep chasing that cash and living life one touchdown at a time.

The upcoming NFL game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles is set to be an exciting matchup. The Eagles look to improve to 2-0 while the Vikings look to avoid a 0-2 start.

Coming into this game, the Vikings have several strengths they can rely on. Their passing offense was solid in Week 1, with quarterback Kirk Cousins completing 75% of his passes for 328 yards. Wide receiver Justin Jefferson was particularly impressive, hauling in 9 catches for 150 yards. The Vikings will look to exploit the Eagles’ weaker linebackers and safeties in the passing game.

However, the Vikings also have some weaknesses that the Eagles can exploit. The Vikings struggled to run the ball effectively in Week 1, gaining only 34 yards on the ground. This could be an area where the Eagles’ defense can make an impact. Additionally, the Vikings have some concerns along the offensive line, with center Garrett Bradbury ruled out for the game and left tackle Christian Darrisaw listed as questionable.

As for the Eagles, they have the advantage of playing at home. They started the season with a win against the Patriots and will be looking to carry that momentum into this game. Quarterback Jalen Hurts showed promise, throwing for 170 yards and a touchdown while also rushing for 37 yards. The Eagles will rely on Hurts’ versatility to create opportunities on offense.

Defensively, the Eagles had a solid performance against the Patriots, allowing just 382 total yards. They will aim to generate pressure on Kirk Cousins and disrupt the Vikings’ passing game. 

In terms of betting odds, the Eagles are currently favored by 6 points. The over/under for total points scored is set at 49. Considering the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, there are a few betting recommendations to consider.

For those who believe the Vikings will bounce back and cover the spread, placing a bet on the Vikings +6 could be a smart move. Additionally, with both teams having strong passing offenses, taking the over on the total points scored could be a viable option.

In summary, the Vikings and Eagles have their respective strengths and weaknesses heading into this game. It will be a closely contested matchup, and bettors should consider the odds and the strengths of each team before placing their bets.

On September 12, 2023, the San Diego Padres will face off against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a highly-anticipated MLB game. This matchup between two fierce rivals is sure to provide an exciting and competitive experience for both teams and fans alike. As bettors gear up for this game, let’s take a closer look at recent key stats, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the betting odds and recommendations.

Recent Key Stats:

  • The Dodgers hold a record of 87-56, while the Padres boast a record of 68-77.
  • The Dodgers have a powerful offense, scoring an average of 5.4 runs per game.
  • The Padres have shown consistency on the mound, with an ERA of 4.50 and a K/9 of  8.
  • Mookie Betts leads the Dodgers with 39 home runs and 103 RBIs, while Juan Soto leads the Padres with 29 home runs and 89 RBIs.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • The Dodgers have a strong and deep lineup, with players like Betts, Freddie Freeman, and Max Muncy, who can produce runs consistently.
  • The Padres have a solid pitching rotation, led by Michael Wacha, who has an impressive record of 11-3 and 2.99 ERA.
  • However, the Dodgers have shown some vulnerabilities in their pitching staff, with injuries to Clayton Kershaw and suspensions to Julio Urias affecting their performance.
  • The Padres (0.241)have had some offensive struggles at times, ranking lower in batting average compared to the Dodgers (0.258).

Betting Odds and Recommendations:

  • As per the odds provided by Bloksports, the Dodgers are listed as favorites with a moneyline of -155, while the Padres have a moneyline of +135.
  • The run line is set at 1.5, with the Dodgers favored at +125 and the Padres at -145.
  • The total runs for the game is set at 9.5, with the over at +100 and the under at -120.
  • Based on recent performances and the strength of their lineup, the Dodgers are a solid bet to win this game, especially with Lance Lynn taking the mound.
  • Considering the high-scoring potential of both teams, betting on the over 9.5 runs could also be a wise choice.

Ultimately, when it comes to betting, it is important to consider all factors such as recent performance, injuries, and matchups. Remember to always gamble responsibly and make informed decisions based on thorough analysis. Good luck to all the bettors for the upcoming Padres vs Dodgers game!

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your helmets and get ready for a gridiron showdown that will surely leave us all wanting more. It’s the Buffalo Bills versus the New York Jets in a Monday Night Football clash that’s bound to have us on the edge of our seats. It’s like putting ranch dressing on your wings – you just know it’s gonna be good.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into the strengths and weaknesses of both these teams. The Bills, led by the dynamic quarterback Josh Allen, bring a high-powered offense that can light up the scoreboard like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Allen’s ability to sling it like a cowboy with a lasso and run like a gazelle with a touchdown dance makes him a nightmare for any defense. Add in the reliable hands of wide receiver Stefon Diggs, and you’ve got a recipe for offensive fireworks.

But let’s not sleep on the Jets. After acquiring none other than Aaron Rodgers in the offseason, they’ve got a bona fide quarterback who can thread a needle like nobody’s business. Rodgers may be sporting a different shade of green, but his arm strength and pinpoint accuracy haven’t skipped a beat. And let’s not forget about the Jets’ stout defense, ranked fourth in total defense in 2022. With players like cornerbacks Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed wreaking havoc, the Jets can make life difficult for any opposing offense.

Now, let’s talk numbers. The Bills enter this matchup as two-point favorites, while the over/under for total points scored is set at 45.5. So, if you’ve got a hunch on the outcome of this game, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. But remember, folks, betting on sports is like spinning the roulette wheel – it’s a game of chance, and sometimes the ball doesn’t land in your favor.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – my betting recommendations. Drumroll, please. Look, I could sit here and pretend like I’m some football oracle with all the answers, but the truth is, anything can happen on any given Sunday (or Monday night, in this case). So, my recommendation? Enjoy the game, sip your favorite beverage, and let the drama unfold.

Whether you’re a die-hard Bills Mafia member or a green-blooded Jets fan, tonight’s matchup is sure to deliver thrills and spills. So, grab your chicken wings, put on your lucky jersey, and get ready for a Monday night party that would make even the most seasoned tailgater proud.

And remember, folks, in the game of football and in life, anything can happen. So, saddle up and enjoy the ride. Until next time, this is BLOK SPORTS signing off, reminding you to embrace the chaos and always bet on yourself. Cheers!

Folks, get ready to buckle up because we’re diving into the clash of the titans between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs in tonight’s NFL game. This matchup has all the ingredients for a wild ride, and I’m here to break it down like only the pizza-loving, truth-spitting, sports guru that I am.

Now, let’s start with the strengths and weaknesses of each team. The Chiefs, led by the talented Patrick Mahomes, have an explosive offense that can light up the scoreboard faster than you can say “cheeseburger.” Mahomes has been nothing short of spectacular in Week 1 games, completing over 72% of his passes for 1,542 yards, 18 touchdowns, and zero interceptions in his career. That’s right, zero interceptions. The man is like a magician with a football.

The Lions, on the other hand, are no pushovers. With an up-and-coming quarterback in Jared Goff and an impressive offensive line, they have the potential to surprise some people this season. Goff has shown his ability to shine when throwing from a clean pocket, putting up top-10 numbers leaguewide. However, he tends to struggle under pressure, which is where the Chiefs will look to exploit their advantage.

Defensively, it’s no secret that the Lions struggled last season, finishing near the bottom of the league in many statistical categories. Their pass defense was particularly porous, ranking 32nd in yards allowed. Facing Mahomes and the Chiefs’ explosive passing attack will be a daunting task, to say the least.

Now, let’s talk numbers, my friends. The Chiefs enter this game as 5-point favorites, with an over/under set at 53.5 points. The oddsmakers are expecting a high-scoring affair, and who can blame them with two powerful offenses taking the field?

As much as I’d love to ride with the underdog Lions, my gut tells me to go with the Chiefs in this one. Mahomes is a wizard with the football, and even without star tight end Travis Kelce, he has plenty of weapons at his disposal. The Lions’ defense simply doesn’t have the firepower to contain Kansas City for four quarters.

So, here’s my betting recommendation: take the Chiefs to cover the spread and the over on the total points. You might not be able to buy happiness, but a winning bet can certainly put a smile on your face.

There you have it, folks – a breakdown of tonight’s Lions vs. Chiefs NFL matchup. Will Kansas City continue their dominance, or will the Lions unleash their inner beast? Tune in and find out, and remember, bet responsibly, stay hungry, and keep the sports world spinning with your passion and enthusiasm.

Hey there, sports fans! Strap on your baseball caps and get ready to step up to the plate, because we’ve got a showdown brewing between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs on August 29th, 2021. It’s a battle of division rivals that’s sure to bring some heat to the diamond.

Let’s dive into the strengths and weaknesses of these two teams, shall we? The Brewers have been on fire lately, riding a nine-game winning streak. Their pitching staff has been lights-out, led by the impressive Corbin Burnes, who will take the mound in this game. With a 9-6 record and a 3.65 ERA, Burnes has been a formidable force on the mound, striking fear into the hearts of batters across the league.

But don’t count out the Cubs just yet. Despite a rollercoaster of a season, they’ve managed to stay in the mix and have shown flashes of brilliance. Justin Steele will be toeing the rubber for the Cubbies, and he’s been no slouch himself. With a 14-3 record and a 3.20 ERA, Steele has been a reliable arm for the Cubs, consistently giving them a chance to win.

Recent performance has favored the Brewers, with their nine-game winning streak giving them the momentum heading into this matchup. They’ve been getting solid contributions from their lineup, including power hitter Mark Canha, who’s been swinging a hot bat recently and went 1 for 4 with a homer and 2 RBI in last night’s victory. On the other side, the Cubs are no slouch with 158 home runs and a .253 batting average (14th in the league in both).

Now, let’s talk betting odds, baby! The Brewers find themselves in the underdog role for this game, with odds set at +112, while the Cubs are listed as favorites at -132. The over/under is set at 7 runs, which could be an interesting bet to consider given the strong pitching performances we’re likely to see.

As for my bet recommendation, I’m leaning towards the Brewers in this one. They’ve been red-hot lately, and I think their pitching staff, led by Burnes, will continue to keep the Cubs’ bats in check. Plus, with the odds in their favor, there’s good value to be had on a Brewers’ win. But hey, anything can happen in baseball, so make sure to do your own research and trust your gut when it comes to betting.

So, there you have it, folks – a breakdown of the highly anticipated Brewers vs. Cubs game on August 29th. It’s sure to be a thrilling contest between division rivals, filled with nail-biting moments and breathtaking plays. As always, sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful game of baseball. And hey, if you’re feeling lucky, why not throw a little wager on the line? After all, life’s too short to play it safe. Let’s play ball!

In what promises to be an action-packed match, Max Holloway and Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, are set to face off in the main event at UFC Fight Night Holloway vs Korean Zombie. Let’s take a closer look at the strengths, weaknesses, and the betting odds for this exciting clash.

Max Holloway, with a record of 24-7, is a former UFC featherweight champion known for his dogged fighting style, phenomenal boxing skills, and laid-back charisma. Holloway has been one of the world’s best featherweights for seven years, with victories over top contenders in the division. While he has lost three fights to reigning champion Alexander Volkanovski, Holloway remains a force to be reckoned with.

Holloway’s strengths lie in his high-volume striking, with an average of over seven strikes landed per minute. He displays excellent offensive and defensive boxing, using footwork and head movement to avoid taking significant damage. His cardio is exceptional, often pushing the pace and overwhelming opponents with his relentless pressure.

However, Holloway’s weakness lies in his recent losses to Volkanovski, where he struggled to adapt to the champion’s game plan. Critics argue that Holloway’s offensive output sometimes leaves him vulnerable to counter-strikes. It’s essential for him to stay disciplined and focused against a dangerous opponent like Korean Zombie.

On the other side of the Octagon, Chan Sung Jung, also known as Korean Zombie, brings with him a record of 17-7. Known for his fan-friendly fighting style, Korean Zombie is a fighter who will walk through punishment to secure victory. He possesses a well-rounded skill set, with knockout power, solid grappling, and an iron chin.

Korean Zombie’s strengths lie in his ability to absorb strikes and push forward relentlessly. He has shown the ability to finish fights with both submissions and knockouts, making him a threat wherever the fight goes. Additionally, his unyielding determination and heart make him a difficult opponent to break mentally.

However, Korean Zombie has some vulnerabilities, particularly when facing high-level strikers with significant reach advantages. He sometimes struggles to defend against constant pressure and may leave openings for counter-strikes. Against an elite striker like Holloway, he will need to find the right balance between aggression and defense.

Now, let’s discuss the betting odds for this exciting matchup. Holloway enters the fight as a heavy favorite, with odds of -750, meaning you would need to wager $750 to win $100 in return. In contrast, Korean Zombie comes in as the underdog with odds of +400, indicating that a $100 bet on him would yield a $400 profit if he wins.

Given Holloway’s pedigree and recent performance against top fighters, these odds are not surprising. However, upsets can happen in MMA, and Korean Zombie’s power and durability make him a live underdog.  With Holloway’s statistical advantages across the board, including his 5 year age gap, and experience, he should be able to get it done inside the distance.

Step right up, baseball fans, as we prepare for an exciting clash between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Guardians on August 23, 2023. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive summary of both teams’ strengths and weaknesses, analyze their recent performances, and explore the betting odds for this intriguing matchup. So, grab your popcorn and let’s dive into the exciting world of Major League Baseball!

Strengths and Weaknesses:
When it comes to the Los Angeles Dodgers, their offensive prowess stands out as a major strength. Led by dynamic players like Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, the Dodgers boast an impressive lineup that can produce runs in a flash. Betts, with his 34 home runs and 86 runs batted in, has been a force to be reckoned with, ranking among the top hitters in the league. Additionally, the Dodgers’ pitching rotation, headlined by the veteran Clayton Kershaw, brings a wealth of experience and consistency.

On the other hand, the Cleveland Guardians have shown resilience and solid defense throughout this season. While they may not have the same firepower as the Dodgers, their ability to keep games close with strong pitching and solid fundamentals is a definite strength. Players like Jose Ramirez, Steven Kwan, and Andres Gimenez have provided key contributions to the Guardians’ offense, making them a team that can capitalize on opportunities and grind out wins.

Recent Performance:
The Dodgers enter this matchup with an impressive 65 wins as favorites in 104 games this season. Over their past 10 matchups as moneyline favorites, they’ve secured victory in 8 out of 10 games. Moreover, they’ve hit the over on the run total in three of their last 10 games.

The Guardians, on the other hand, have emerged victorious in three of their last 10 matchups, with 7 of those as underdogs. While their record as underdogs sits at 25 wins out of 60 games, they have proven their capability to compete against stronger teams. Their ability to keep games close and rely on timely hitting has been their recipe for success.

Betting Odds and Recommendations:
In terms of betting odds, the Dodgers are listed as -225 moneyline favorites for this matchup, indicating the expectation of their victory. Meanwhile, the Guardians are perceived as underdogs with a +184 moneyline. The run line favors the Dodgers at -1.5 with odds of -134, while the Guardians are listed at +1.5 with odds of +112.

Considering the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, as well as their recent performance, our recommended betting pick for this matchup leans toward the Dodgers. Their offensive firepower, coupled with the experience of Clayton Kershaw on the mound, should give them an edge. However, it’s important to note that baseball can be unpredictable, and upsets happen. Therefore, if you’re feeling adventurous, a small wager on the Guardians might yield a handsome return.

On Sunday, August 20th, the final match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place between Spain and England. Both teams will be vying for their first-ever World Cup trophy in their respective senior national team history. The match will be held at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of each team, their recent performance, key stats, and the betting opportunities for this highly anticipated final.

Spain has shown success on the pitch despite differences between players and manager Jorge Vilda. The team has displayed a strong determination to win, despite federation backlash and coaching challenges. Aitana Bonmati has been a standout player for Spain, making a case for being the best player in the tournament with 3 goals and 2 assists. The midfielder has been crucial in building up attacks and finding her teammates. Another player to watch is Salma Paralluelo, who has been a game-changer for the team, scoring game winners in two consecutive knockout round games.

Meanwhile, England, the reigning Euro champions, have a chance to win two major international tournaments. They will need to overcome Spain’s possession game to be victoriousy. The availability of Lauren James (3 goals and 3 assists), who had initially received a red card suspension, is good news for England. Ella Toone, who has shown great attacking chemistry with Alessia Russo (3 goals) and Lauren Hemp (3 goals and 1 assist), has been a key player for England in recent matches. The three contributed to the scoreline in their 3-1 semifinal win against Australia.

In terms of recent performance, Spain advanced into the final after a 2-1 victory over Sweden, while England eliminated co-hosts Australia with a 3-1 win. Both teams have displayed strong offensive capabilities throughout the tournament.

When it comes to key statistics, Spain has been the highest-scoring team in the Women’s World Cup, with 17 goals in total. Their impressive goal difference of +10 ranks them second overall. On the other hand, England has scored 13 goals (with also a +10 goal differential), placing them third in the tournament.

In terms of betting opportunities, the current odds favor Spain at +160 (-118 2-way), with England at +190 (-108 2-way). The bookmakers predict a close match, with a possible draw at +195. Based on recent performances and key stats, the betting recommendation would be to consider placing a bet on England to win the match.

In conclusion, the Spain vs England FIFA Women’s World Cup final promises to be an exciting and closely contested match. Both teams possess offensive firepower and have displayed resilience throughout the tournament. Considering recent performances and odds, a bet on England to come out victorious would be a well-founded choice for bettors.

Alright, fight fans, it’s time to step into the octagon for a showdown between two rising stars of the UFC bantamweight division. Tonight, Aljamain Sterling and Sean O’Malley are set to square off in what promises to be an electrifying clash at UFC 292.

First up, we have Aljamain Sterling, the reigning bantamweight champion with an impressive record of 22-3. Sterling has been on a tear lately, winning his last nine fights, including victories over former champions Petr Yan, T.J. Dillashaw, and Henry Cejudo. The Funkmaster, as he’s known, possesses a deadly combination of grappling prowess and unorthodox striking. His ability to control his opponents on the ground and threaten with submissions makes him a formidable force in the division.

On the other side of the cage, we have Sean O’Malley, a charismatic and highly skilled striker with a record of 16-1-1. O’Malley has gained a massive following due to his dynamic striking style and highlight-reel knockouts. His long limbs and fluid movement allow him to deliver devastating strikes from various angles, keeping his opponents constantly guessing. However, his grappling defense has been questioned in the past, as he struggled against the takedowns of Petr Yan.

In terms of betting opportunities, the odds for this fight are intriguing. Currently, Aljamain Sterling is the favorite with odds of -260, meaning you would have to bet $260 to win $100. Sean O’Malley, on the other hand, is the underdog with odds of +215, which would earn you $215 on a $100 bet if he pulls off the upset.

Considering the stylistic matchup, there are a few betting strategies to consider. If you believe that Sterling will use his superior grappling skills to take O’Malley down and control him on the ground, you might consider betting on Sterling to win by submission. The odds for Sterling to win inside the distance are +115, which means a $100 bet would earn you $115 if he finishes the fight before the final bell.

Alternatively, if you think O’Malley’s striking will be too much for Sterling to handle, you could bet on O’Malley to win by knockout. The odds for O’Malley to win inside the distance are +215, providing a potential $215 return on a $100 bet if he secures a knockout victory.

Of course, there’s always the option of betting on the fight to go the distance, with odds of -145. If you believe that both fighters will showcase their defensive skills and the fight will go to a decision, this might be the safer bet.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you as the bettor. Both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses, and it all comes down to who can implement their game plan more effectively. It’s a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, and the outcome is anyone’s guess.

So, gather your friends, place your bets, and get ready for an explosive night of UFC action. Whether you’re rooting for Aljamain Sterling or Sean O’Malley, one thing is for sure – this fight has all the makings of a true spectacle. Let’s see who will come out on top inside the octagon!

Hey there, sports fans! We’re ready to dish out some hot-takes on the upcoming BMW golf championship tournament. Now, golf might not be your typical barstool banter, but I’m here to spice things up and make it more entertaining than a hole-in-one at a mini-golf course. So, grab your golf clubs and let’s get swinging!

First things first, let’s talk about the tournament field. The BMW Championship is bringing together the top 50 players on the PGA Tour, and let me tell you, it’s a star-studded lineup. We’ve got the heavy hitters like Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm, who are favored to take home the trophy. These guys are like the Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes of the golf world, always in contention and ready to deliver some jaw-dropping shots.

But let’s not forget about the dark horses in the field. You know, those underdogs who sneak up on you like a stealthy ninja on the fairway. Players like Xander Schauffele and Viktor Hovland (both at 16/1) have been quietly building their resumes and are itching for a breakout performance. Even Hideki Matsuyama at 30/1 and Byeong An at 40/1 are some dark horses that look interesting. Keep an eye on these guys, because they could very well be the surprise winners of the tournament.

Now, I’m not just here to make wild predictions and leave you hanging. I know you want to know where to put your hard-earned cash, and I’ve got some betting recommendations for you. But hey, remember, gambling is a rollercoaster ride, so buckle up and proceed with caution.

If you’re feeling lucky and want to go for the big bucks, my top pick to win it all is Rory McIlroy. The guy has been on fire lately, racking up top-10 finishes left and right and the Scottish Open. Plus, his driving game is on another level, making him a formidable force on the course. And with odds at 13/2, this bet could have you yelling “Fore!” all the way to the bank.

For those looking for a bit more value, I like the look of Tyrrell Hatton at 22/1. The Englishman has been knocking on the door of victory all season long and has a solid all-around game that can tame even the trickiest of courses. A cheeky bet on Hatton could be just the ticket to a sweet payday.

But hey, don’t take my word as gospel. Do your research, check out the odds, and make your own informed decisions. Remember, it’s your money on the line, not mine. And if you lose, well, don’t come crying to me. I warned you about the rollercoaster ride!

So, there you have it, folks. My take on the upcoming BMW golf championship tournament. Whether you’re a die-hard golf fan or just a casual observer, this event promises to be a thrilling ride filled with drama, skill, and maybe even a few unexpected twists. So, grab your favorite snacks, pop open a cold one, and let’s enjoy the show. And hey, if you win big, maybe consider sending a slice of that cash my way. I’ve got quite a few 19th hole bar tabs to pay off, you know!


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  • What is a Total bet?
    • Total bets are also called Over/Under bets and they are bets of the total amount of points scored by both teams. If it says Over 8 and you bet on this, this means that the overall score has to be higher than 8 for you to win. If it says Under 8 and you bet on this, this means the overall score has to be lower than 8 for you to win.  If the total score is 8, then you tie and your original wager is refunded.

  • What is a Moneyline bet?
    • A Moneyline bet is when you bet on only one team to win. Let’s say the two teams are the Bengals (+150) and the Rams (-110). The +150 means you’ll win $150 if you place a $100 bet and the Bengals win. The -110 means you’ll need to bet $110 to win $100 if the Rams win.  If the teams tie, then you tie and your original wager is refunded.

  • What are odds?
    • Understanding betting odds is extremely important and essential if you’re going to have a successful betting career.  The good thing is that it doesn’t take much to read odds and the math isn’t too complicated.  Odds in different countries differ, but we’re going to focus on American odds. 
      You’ll see these on all sportsbook sites in the United States and you’ll see different titles, as a team, spread, moneyline, and total. These are in terms of 100 and each one will have a plus or minus.  They are in 100 because it’s a 1:1 ratio, which means for every $1 you bet, you’ll win $1 if your bet wins. If it’s a plus, you’ll win more than $100 on a $100 bet and a minus means you’ll have to bet more than $100 to win $100. 
      For example, a Moneyline bet is when you bet on only one team to win. Let’s say the two teams are the Bengals (+150) and the Rams (-110). The +150 means you’ll win $150 if you place a $100 bet and the Bengals win. The -110 means you’ll need to bet $110 to win $100 if the Rams win.

  • What does Configure Bet mean?
    • When you make a bet, you can always click to Configure Bet which means you can adjust the Odds, the Line and the Expiration time of your wager (i.e., how long the bet is available for others to take).  If you don’t set an Expiration time, the default expiration time for your bet will be the official game start time.

  • Can I take a portion of someone else’s or a market bet?
    • Yes, you have the ability to take all (subject to any betting limit restrictions) or a portion of a bet.  If you take a portion, that bet will continue to be posted until its expiration time with the new amount available (i.e., the original amount reduced for any amounts taken).

  • What happens if my bet is not taken?
    • Any unfilled bet you place will expire at the start of the game time or at the expiration time you set and will no longer be available for anyone to take.

  • Where can I find the bet rules for each sport?
    • You can find these in the Betting Rules article in our FAQ
  • Can I take a portion of someone else’s or a market bet?
    • Yes, you have the ability to take all (subject to any betting limit restrictions) or a portion of a bet.  If you take a portion, that bet will continue to be posted until its expiration time with the new amount available (i.e., the original amount reduced for any amounts taken).

  • What happens if my bet is not taken?
    • Any unfilled bet you place will expire at the start of the game time or at the expiration time you set and will no longer be available for anyone to take.

  • Where can I find the bet rules for each sport?
    • You can find these in the Betting Rules article in our FAQ
  • How do I create an account or crypto wallet?
    • We set up your own secure, privately-held wallet upon signing up.  You can use it like any other web3 wallet.  You can learn more at
  • Do I need a separate crypto wallet to play?
    • No. We set up your own secure, privately-held wallet upon signing up.  We will allow the import of your own wallets to be used in our app at a later date.
  • What is Polygon USDC and why do I need it to bet?
    • Polygon USDC (or Matic USDC) is the only token that we support today for wagers in our app.  It is a version of USDC that runs on the Polygon network, which is the blockchain that BLOK SPORTS is running on.
      USDC is a digital dollar, also known as a stable coin pegged to US$1.  Be sure you have or purchase Polygon USDC, and not regular USDC, in order to transact in our app. You can learn more at
  • How do I deposit money or Polygon USDC?
    • Today, we only support Polygon USDC for wagers in our app.  You can either deposit Polygon USDC into your newly created wallet from another wallet or account you own.  You can also purchase Polygon USDC via our fiat on-ramp providers available through our app.  Be sure you deposit or purchase Polygon USDC, and not regular USDC, in order to transact in our app.
  • If I have regular USDC, can I use that to wager?  And how can I exchange it for Polygon USDC?
    • You cannot use regular USDC in BLOK SPORTS.  It must be Polygon or Matic USDC.  There are bridge networks like Connext ( as well as bridges available in wallets like Coinbase Wallet that easily allow you convert to Polygon USDC.  Keep in mind that these bridges may charge their own fees to perform this conversion.
    • Some exchanges, such as Coinbase, allow you to send regular USDC to your wallet address over the Polygon network as well – make sure you select Polygon as the network when prompted.
  • How do I withdraw money?
    • You can withdraw your funds at any time since they are always held in your private wallet.  You can withdraw them to any other wallet or account supporting Polygon USDC, such as Metamask.
      Fiat off-ramp to convert the Polygon USDC to your local fiat currency may be available via our fiat on-ramp providers.  Be sure to check if they support this feature.
  • Are there any fees being charged on my wager?
    • 9/20/23: For a limited time, there will be NO FEES on all wagers.  Bet as much as you want commission-free.
    • Normally, we charge a 3% fee only after a wager is resolved and only on the winning amount (and not on the total payout) in order to support our platform and operational costs.   We do not charge any fees for placing or taking a wager or on losing wagers.
  • Am I charged gas fees in order to place or take any wagers?
    • No.  We cover any gas fees associated with placing, taking and resolving any wager transactions.
  • Am I charged gas fees to deposit or withdraw funds?
    • We cover gas fees for withdrawals from your account. However, you may be required to pay gas fees for deposits to your account from outside wallets or accounts. Be sure you have sufficient Polygon (MATIC) tokens in your external accounts in order to deposit.
  • Is there a limit on how much I can wager?
    • During our beta period, the maximum you can wager on any single bet is $100.  We will be increasing this amount soon.
  • What happens if I lose my credentials and/or password to my wallet?
    • The private digital wallet we set up for you upon sign-up does not require a password to interact with the BLOK SPORTS app. 
      However, your private keys are always recoverable through a secure method via our wallet provider

  • Can I transact on the BLOK SPORTS app even if I login into the app on various websites?
    • Yes, our app will recognize you and your account from whichever BLOK SPORTS app you log in through, unless it states otherwise.
  • Is my region restricted for betting?
    • is licensed under a Curacao license and is approved to operate in certain international markets.  You must abide by any local restrictions in your jurisdiction as well as comply with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy available in our app and website 
  • Is there an age restriction to use the BLOK SPORTS app?
    • You must be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction.
  • Can I use any web browser to access the BLOK SPORTS app?
    • We strongly recommend using Google Chrome.  You can use other browsers but they may not perform as reliably as Chrome.

  • Can I use BLOK SPORTS on mobile?
    • BLOK SPORTS can be used in a mobile web browser.  We do not yet have a native mobile app available.

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